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Vencata Noni Gold juice is a fruit of the noni pineapple species. It contains more than 150 nutrients. It is found in very high amounts of nutrients called geronine. This fruit is capable of warding off every disease. Noni's properties have been researched many times by scientists. In 1953, Scientist and Doctor Ralph Hainicke found out that noni contains an abundant amount of alkaide called geronine which helps to enlarge the pores of cells so that the nutrient can pass into the cells. Former President and Scientist Dr. Abdul Kalam ji has also written a book on the qualities of Noni.

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It provides strength to fight disease by increasing disease resistance in the body. And helps in enhancing the memory. It helps in fighting deadly disease like cancer and helps in the formation of red blood cells by destroying tumor cells. It has the ability to thaw any type of internal abscess or tumor. Helps to overcome the problem of impotence in men and infertility in women. Along with this, it also removes menstrual problems. It also assists in the manufacture of sperm in men. It is especially effective in asthma or respiratory problems, psoriasis or other skin related diseases, high blood pressure, migraine, constipation, indigestion, diabetes (sugar), arthritis, gout, joint pain etc. It's biggest advantage is that it can increase the lifespan by keeping the body healthy even up to 100 years and helps to keep you young for a long time. It maintains the balance of blood flow in the arteries thereby keeping high blood pressure under control. Further research has shown that it improves the level of good cholesterol in the body by reducing bad cholesterol.

It should be taken 15 -30 ml twice a day on an empty stomach. Pregnant women and breast feeding women should avoid it. People with serious problems of kidney and liver should avoid its consumption. Initially, it should be left one day for a week. Some people may feel a slight pain, then skip two days and start again. Don't worry.

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