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Aloevera is known as Ghrit Kumari or Gwarpatha. In it, the properties of disease prevention are codenamed. It contains 18 metals, 15 amino and 12 vitamins.

It helps in reducing weight. It's intake reduces mental stress or stress, it also increases immunity. It provides great relief in indigestion, constipation and gas. It gives great relief in ulcers, liver and other stomach diseases. It can also be used to reduce cholesterol and keep the heart healthy. It is very effective in diabetes (sugar), arthritis and joint pain. It is specially used in the treatment of all skin and hair diseases.

Less B.P. patients should not consume it. Due to its warmth, initially someone may have stomach problems, don't panic. To reduce weight, it should be taken twice a day on empty stomach and in other cases after taking food.

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